Evil Zionist puppet, Benjamin Netanyahu urges the United States to move their Embassy in Israel from Tel-Aviv to occupied Jerusalem. International protests against the hostile decision are backed by the United Nations.

The Arab League, EU and the UN also all denounced Tel-Aviv’s approval to build 2.500 more settlements outposts in the occupied West Bank. Most of the structures tobe build have military purposes, as Netanyahu pushes for an even more hostile confrontation against the Palestinians.

Israel’s military forces (IDF) invaded, annexed and occupied the West Bank in 1967. The territorial property was appointed to the Palestinians, when the state of Israel was resurrected after WW II.

About 350.000 Jews already live in the occupied West Bank, while annexed East Jerusalem has hosted 200.000 Jews to live in the Palestinian territory. Now the Israeli military rules these occupied areas, forcing the Palestinians to pay taxes to cover the Israeli ‘security’ costs.

Now Netanyahu says that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and finds it appropriate to move all embassies, including the American embassy, from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem.

Currently all foreign embassies are located in the coastal city of Tel-Aviv, because their countries have refrained from recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital until its status is correctly resolved in future (two state) peace talks.

This scenario will never develop if the Zionists determine the rules of engagement. Israel is a ticking time-bomb waiting for it to explode, while the world is standing by peacefully watching for the Armageddon to take place?

Washington Post / AA Magnum News 2017.


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