Secretary-General of the Arab League Ahmed Aboul Gheit announced that the league fully supports Syrian sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

The official insisted that the Golan Heights were occupied territory belonging to Syria under international law and the resolutions of the United Nations and the UN Security Council.

Earlier, Trump took to Twitter during a visit by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Jerusalem to say that it was time for the USA to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the annexed Golan Heights, adding that the territory “is of critical strategic and security importance to the State of Israel and regional stability”.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to Trump’s statement by thanking the US president for his support.

The Golan Heights, considered by Syria to be a part of its territory, was occupied by Israel during the 1967 Six-Day War. It was not until 1981 that Tel Aviv passed legislation formally annexing the area. The United Nations has never recognized the annexation.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that the USA attempts to legitimize Israeli policy of occupation of the Golan Heights, which undermines the Syrian territorial integrity, are not in line with the international law and condemned by Ankara.

The recognition of the Golan Annexation would be only a prelude to further annexation of parts of the West Bank, which envisions only the complete ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.

Ironically the Jewish people formed Israel to escape to in 1948. Why should it be that the freedom and security they want for themselves, while they are unwilling to grant to their neighbors in this troubled land?

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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The whole world belong to the Jewish society, or doesn’t it?


The residents of Crimea voted overwhelmingly to reunite with Russia.

Most of the world’s governments rejected the will of the Crimean people and imposed trade and other sanctions on Crimea and Russia.

Are these countries who sanctioned Crimea and Russia going to sanction israel and the United States? Or is invading and occupying land somehow less objectionable than holding a referendum?


Hitler might have been evil, but the jews pretty much represent satan himself with they greed, bloodlust, hypocrisy and lies.