Syria will adopt a new rule of engagement with Israel now that Russia has taken a tougher and clearer stance on the conflict between Israel and the Axis of the Zionist Resistance

Syria will not hesitate to hit an Israeli airport if Damascus airport is targeted once again and hit by Israel. This will be with the consent of the Russian military based in the Levant.

Damascus will be responding to any Israeli strike. If it damages a specific military target it will reply with a strike against a similar objective in Israel.

This Syrian political decision is based on a clear position taken by Russia in Syria following the evil downing of its aircraft on September 18 this year.

In 2015 when the Russian military landed in Syria, it informed the parties concerned (i.e. Syria, Iran and Israel) that it had no intention to interfere in the conflict between them and Hezbollah.

Russia also promised that it would not stand in the way of Tel Aviv’s planes bombing Hezbollah military convoys on their way to Lebanon or Iranian military warehouses not allocated to the war in Syria.

Moscow also informed Israel that it would not accept any attacks on its allies (Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, and their allies) engaged in fighting ISIS, al-Qaeda and its terrorist allies.

Israel respected the will of Moscow until the beginning of 2018, when it started to attack Iranian bases and Syrian military warehouses.

Russia had enough especially after the downing of its IL-20, and with it, killed 15 officers highly trained to use the most advanced communication and espionage systems.

Damascus and Iran responded with at least one confirmed shooting down of an Israeli F-16.

Russia then brought to Syria its long-awaited advanced S-300 missile systems and delivered them to the Syrian army while maintaining electronic coordination and radar command

The S-300 poses a danger to Israeli jets only if these violate Syrian airspace. Tel Aviv has kept its planes out of Syria since last September but launched long range missiles against a couple of targets.

This week, Moscow agreed to receive an Israeli military delegation led by Major-General Aharon Haliva,  following Israel’s insistence on breaking the ice between the two countries.

However, Russia’s position is not expected to change in Syria and no Israeli bombing of Syrian or Iranian targets will be tolerated.

Russia has given Syria the green light – said the source- to strike Israel at any time if and when Tel Aviv’s planes launch raids against Syrian military targets or launch long-range missiles without flying over Syria.

Russia Insider / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2018.

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Doubtful,, because then the Zionist will use their nukes and chemical weapons on Syria.