It is known that the USA has for long had a comprehensive and combined plan with Israel to attack Iranian targets with huge, non-nuclear, bunker-busting, 10 ton, GBU-43  air-blast bombs capable of destroying the deepest underground  installations.

It is also known that the Israeli military have been an integral part of that US plan to first cripple the Iranian economy with global oil sanctions and then to initiate an air and sea attack against the Iranian state and its people.

But first, a credible excuse was required.  That excuse was orchestrated jointly by a belligerent Trump and Netanyahu, this week, when two oil tankers were structurally damaged by limpet mines, off the coast of Oman.

The sabotage was immediately blamed upon Iran by US Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo, without any evidence whatsoever.

However, the state actor concerned was, almost certainly, not Iran but very probably the Israeli navy with its state-of-the-art, German-built, nuclear-armed submarines, covertly patrolling the deep waters of the Gulf.

The deliberate sabotaging of four shipping tankers in the Gulf and the too obvious accusations against Iran, indicate that US-Israeli plans for a combined attack against the Iranian state are now fairly imminent.

These are very dangerous times, indeed, with an unpredictable and unstable US President determined to instigate a war in the Middle East with a committed partner who has long wanted to destroy Iran in its own bid for regional dominance.

If the conflict materializes and there is an attack against Iran by combined US-Israeli forces, then oil prices could double overnight with devastating global consequences upon all but America who is self-sufficient in oil.

Global Research / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2019.


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THIS: “Immediately blamed on Iran without evidence whatsoever”. Americans and Israelis are known to plan and execute false flag attacks in order to start a war or accuse someone else of wrongdoing. The best part of their hypocrisy is that they will even offer “aid” (recently venezuela) to the ones they affected in order to play the good guys. In the end the aid has weapons in it, to be used against [insert target country here]. It’s a good thing Russia and China have the economic and military power to stop these fools. People should wake up, stop listening to… Read more »

Zionist Business
Zionist Business



Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam, WMDs in Iraq, Limpet Mines in the Gulf of Oman. No need for new tricks, if the old ones continue to fool the American people.