President Trump won the election on his promise to overthrow financial capitalism and restore productive capitalism. From this standpoint, he considers that war damages owed to Syria should not be paid by the USA, but by the international corporations involved.

The USA, which had been planning the war against Syria since 2004, does not want to part with a penny. According to the Trump administration, this war was created by the Bush Jr. administration and led by the Obama administration.

However, these two administrations were not serving the interests of the US people, but those of international financial cooperations preying on mineral rich and very lucrative state victims.

The 14 member states of the « Friends of Syria » financed its destruction by the so-called Jihadists. But after they had failed, none of them want to pay anything for the reconstruction of Syria.

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Henry Kravis at the Davos Forum. Close to John McCain, the founder of KKR is a member of the Council for Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group (of which his wife is an administrator).

He employs General David Petraeus (ex-director of the CIA) with whom he organized the transfer of funds and weapons to ISIS. A long-term friend of Emmanuel Macron, he secretly financed his electoral campaign.

Not only did those multinationals destroy Syria, but they also helped to collapse the US economy. Thus it is not for Washington to pay, but these people and the corporations directly implicated in the war.

  1. For example, the United States investment fund and rival of the Carlyle Group, Henry Kravis’ KKR (market value 150 billion dollars). It employs General David Petraeus and transferred funds and weapons to Al-Qaeda and ISIS.
  2. Or Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota, which furnished all of ISIS new vehicles (market value 170 billion dollars).
  3. Or again, Caterpillar, the manufacturer of construction machines, which sold to the Jihadists the tunnel-building machinery necessary for the construction of their underground networks (market value 76 billion dollars).
  4. Not to mention the Franco-Swiss cement producer Lafarge-Holcim, which produced 6 million tonnes of cement for the construction of the ISIS bunkers (market value 40 billion dollars).

The engagement of these corporations in the implementation of Admiral Arthur Cebrowski’s plan to destroy the states and societies of the Greater Middle East can probably be explained by their certainty that they would thus gain access to the region’s natural resources, under the protection of the Western military forces.

Àt the end of all wars which called for the payment of damages, national companies were seized. The novelty this time will be drawing the conclusions of economic globalization and seizing the multinationals.

In the light of President Trump’s arguments, it should be possible for them to count on the support of the new US administration. It is therefore possible, even without managing to make the states pay, to collect the $388 billion mentioned by the ESCWA.

But insiders say “a secret directive” bans UN agencies from helping rebuild Syria until a political transition has taken place, meaning Assad has to leave before reconstruction could start according to the United Nations. / ABC Flash Point Military News 2018.

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Get those Anglo Zio-Nazi rings to pay for the damage.