Hillary Clinton memo that Wikileaks made public in 2016 has not gotten the attention it deserves. It takes us back to 2012 and the early phase of the Syrian proxy war.

At that point, it was largely an internal affair, although Saudi Western made arms shipments were playing a greater and greater role in bolstering terrorist forces.

But once the Obama administration decided in favor of intervention, the Syrian conflict was quickly internationalized as thousands of fake Takfiri holy warriors flooded in from as far away as western China.


The 1,200-word memo by then-Secretary of State Clinton begins with the subject of Iran, an important patron of Syria.

Clinton argues that the USA should topple the Assad government so as to weaken Iran and allay the fears of Israel, which has long regarded Iran as its primary enemy.

Bringing down Assad would not only be a massive boom to Israel’s economy, it would also ease Israel’s understandable fear of losing its nuclear monopoly in the Middle East.


Half of the population of Syria has been displaced, while the World Bank has estimated total war damage at $226 billion, roughly six years’ income for every Syrian family.

Clinton’s recklessness, her lack of realism and her almost mystical belief that everything will fall neatly into place once the US military flexes its muscle, making overthrowing Assad nothing less than “transformative,”

It’s a nightmare from which President Donald Trump is struggling to escape in his confused way and that the Deep State – everyone from arch-neocon John Bolton to “liberal” Nancy Pelosi– is determined to renew.

Russia Insider / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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Be aware of the next move of Israel …?


She must get the death penalty for being responsible for the killings of millions of Muslims.