Now officially a national federal emergency, the opioid crisis is gutting America. The roots of this complex issue lie in supply, not demand.

While we are beginning to see major pharmaceutical executives being indicted for conspiracy and bribery of doctors, we have a long way to go to turn this thing around.

Pharmaceutical and synthetic opioids are a major part of the catastrophe, but the other side of the supply chain is actual opium, and the world’s biggest opium market just happens to be occupied Afghanistan, the epicenter of the global heroin trade.

The United States military has been operating in Afghanistan as part of the war on terror for over 16 years now, and opium production in the war-torn nation continues to increase, year-over-year, coinciding with the rise of the opioid crisis.

What is not mentioned, however, is the fact that international trade in illegal drugs from war-torn countries is essential to geopolitics, implying that the U.S. military is being used to create an environment where the drug trade is allowed to flourish.

This suggestion coincides with production data since the U.S. invasion, and with statements made by a former U.S. representative who in 2015 stated that the CIA was actively involved in the Afghan drug trade.

If you’re hoping or expecting a sudden end to the opioid crisis just because President Trump has called for the government-funded production of anti-opioid television commercials, you’re hope is misplaced.

Afghanistan is a major key in this puzzle, as are the pharmaceutical companies.

Waking Times. com / ABC Flash Point Opium News 2019.


  1. and the box will say “designed in the USA, assembled in Afghanistan”.

    Let’s make a list real quick:

    * US caught looting 50 TONS of gold from ISIS CONTROLLED region in the Syrian war.

    * 4 years of US & coalition forses “fighting ISIS in Syria” ISIS has actually grown by 30% (when Russia joined the war things finally turned around, hypocrite US took the credit in the western media).

    * US caught looting 40 TONS of gold from terrorist CONTROLLED regions in the Iraq war.

    * 16 years the US is fighting “terrorists” in Afghanistan, with drones and satellites that somehow failed to see all the poppy fields (poppy is used to make opium).

    * Drugs coming from south america and imported into the US has actually increased tenfold since the US started the war on drugs (sending “DEA agents to south america to “help fight” illegal drug production/shipping).

    The actual list would go on with more than 1000 valid points. Notice a trend here?

    • Got some good points there, the DEA actually makes their own laws and controls them, by themselves crowning them as the Hard Drugs dealers on our planet.

      • Could not have said it better. People need to see this. Let’s not forget the opium exports from Afganistan actually INCREASED since US presense! (Just like ISIS in Syria).

        People wake up and just look at your historic facts, look at trends and consistencies. The truth will always be revealed.

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