The Anglo-Zionist West and some of its evil allies in the Gulf States, Turkey and Israel have waged an 8-year war against the Syrian people in order to destroy their history, heritage and the cultural footprint in Syria.

All the valuable artifacts of the six Syrian UNESCO sites have luted by ISIS and sold to the worldwide Zionist-controlled Museums on our Planet Earth.

The West has besieged, starved and deprived the Syrian people of humanitarian aid while pouring “aid” into the areas controlled by their extremist sectarian proxy armies.

The West has violated international law and behaved as a collective rogue state without conscience and without pity for a people, while its Zionist-controlled media systematically de-humanised Syrian victims to enable such a crime to take place.

Despite this war of attrition and despite battling disproportionate forces, the Syrian people have refused to capitulate or to abandon their secularism in favor of an extremist tyranny that would destroy their society and persecute the minorities into extinction.

However, Christmas 2018 has demonstrated the victory of Syrian unity over the regime change project incubated in the West which is now a failed campaign lying in tatters.

After 8 years of resistance against the threat of persecution and mass exodus of Christians from Aleppo, the people remain defiant and upbeat about the future of Aleppo and Syria,

After the war crimes being committed by the evil Anglo-Zio Nazi war machine only 30,000 of the 300,000 Syrian Christians remain in Aleppo.

Education is the greatest weapon against extremism and is the only way to re-habilitate children who spent seven of their formative years under occupation of extremist and sectarian factions who worked hard to brainwash almost an entire generation of Syria’s children.

The role of the Western media in manufacturing consent for the collective punishment of the Syrian people was clearly a primary cause of the devastation that faith leaders across Syria are now dealing with.

The West must confess to its crimes against the Syrian people in order to be forgiven. The West must lift the economic sanctions which are a siege upon the Syrian people and it must allow the Syrian people to rebuild in peace without meddling in their affairs.

The Syrian people will rebuild according to what the Syrian people want not what the East or the West want.

Western NGO’s are nothing more than political instruments and devices who further the cause of war, but he instead the West must effectively pay reparations to Syria and expect nothing in return. This is the only way the West can be forgiven by Syria.

The West has a duty to respect our dignity and territorial integrity. The Syrian Arab Army has saved the image of our God of Peace, Love and Unity, this has been a spiritual war in Syria backed by the smart strategic influences by liberators.

Global Research California / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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Time has arrived for the West to pay the damage in Syria, valued @ $500 billion by China.